SPT love the energy from our coastal environments. Whether you are visiting or live in them, they energise our soul and connection to the natural environment. They are forever changing and beautiful on a moody or sunny day. SPT believe that the footprint of humans should be respectful of the coastal environment, but that connection is imperative both for our well being and for the ultimate protection of our coastal treasures. We consider the conduit between built form and the coastal environment to be a delicate balance, but when done with integrity, creates a satisfying footprint.




59 Arabella Lane, Snells Beach

On a gorgeous beach front coastal property only 50 mins from central Auckland, SPT thought of a concept that was different from all other product in the area. 33 seaside cottages surrounded by bush and ocean that integrates and connects directly with the beach.  The concept…to increase the beach elements into the site so that the cottages were a part of the dunes and vegetation. Crosson Architects combined the elements of the cottage and boat shed to create contemporary buildings appropriate for the context.  Rachel de Lambert from Boffa Miskel masterfully brought all elements together through landscape, encapsulating the essence of life by the sea. 

Project status: For Sale

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Boathouse Bay exterior
Boathouse Bay interior