The reasons why people want to live in the rural environment are diverse. SPT seek to understand the deep calling of our client. We then enrich the experience by moulding the environment around that essence. SPT use the active and practical history of the rural environment, and study world examples to create the basis of scale, form, material and design of our rural developments.



Within the city fringe of Auckland a battle was raging between ever increasing numbers of people wanting to live in the rural context close to the city and the requirement to maintain rural character. Suburban sprawl was creeping.  Lifestyle block subdivision it was argued would be the death of the rural character. 

With the help of hand picked designers, Ken Crosson, James Lunday and Rachel de Lambert, SPT Design researched the world for the best forms of rural villages and Hamlets. The result was innovative world-class design that created Ahuareka. A special rural settlement.

The site — north facing with 260 degree views from Clevedon, Auckland City, Rangitoto round to Coromandel Peninsula - only 35 minutes from Auckland via motorway or by Beachland’s Ferry.

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